Friday, July 15, 2011

Back home (for some of us)

The Petry family is back home in New Mexico after an enlighting and exhausting trip to Washington, D.C. A big thanks goes out to the U.S. Army and my cousin's fellow Rangers for doing what they do to preserve our freedoms. My cousin may have received the Medal of Honor, but I met so many people this weekend that are also hereos. Thank you.

My cousin Leroy and his family left for New York on Thursday morning. My cousin did the "The Daily Show" on Thursday night. Also, check out his extended interview with Jon Stewart. It's quite entertaining. Friday morning, my cousin and his wife appeared on the "Today" show and the whole family (Leroy, Ashley, Austin, Reagan and Landon) got a chance to talk on "Fox & Friends."

Friday night, my cousin is scheduled to throw out the first pitch at the New York Mets game. A family member told me that his son Austin would be the one actually throwing the pitch. I'll try to find a picture and post later. I'm not sure how many more media and Army obligations my cousin has lined up, but I hope he soon gets to go back home to Washington (state) and have a week to himself when he can hit the links with friends, play "Call of Duty" with Landon and just recharge the batteries in his prostheses and his life.

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