Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thanks from the community

The column I wrote about my cousin Leroy (read it in the next blog post), published June 4 in the Las Cruces Sun-News (and in other papers in the Texas New Mexico Newspapers Partnership in the days following), elicited a generous amount of feedback. More friends, family and strangers talked to me about that article than anything else I've written in 13 years as a journalist. Here are some highlights of the emails I received in response to the article:

"Thanks millions over for a Super story on a Extra Super Hero for all the world to admire. I saw him on the evening news earlier in the week. When you talk with him express our heartfelt thanks to him from all of Las Cruces and again many, many thanks for your story."
Eugene Hayth
SFC Retired US Army

• "I was talking to my friend a few days ago (Mr. Hershey Miyamura) and Mr. Miyamura was telling me about another New Mexican that will be awarded the Medal of Honor. As you know Mr. Miyamura is also a Medal of Honor receipient and is looking forward to meeting with your cousin SFC Petry. … I hope that you can contact SFC Petry and to tell him that the people in New Mexico are so proud of him and thank him for his services."
Kenneth P. Riege
Military veteran
Hotel owner in Gallup

• "I just read your post in the Ruidoso News. God Bless your cousin and those like him. All the wounded soldiers coming back deserve our help to get on with their lives. I am attaching a link to a video of a charity event we hold near Houston each year to help severely wounded soldiers and Marines.  This is to show you that others care for wounded vets and are doing something about it. The charity is Homes For Our Troops out of Boston.  Turn up the sound on your computer and enjoy:
Clark Clement

While having a nutrition shake this morning (Thursday, July 7), I happened to sit next to a Las Cruces police officer and former Marine. I told him about my upcoming trip to Washington and the award my cousin was to receive. He said I better tell my cousin what a a hero he is to all former servicemen and women. And you bet I will. So many people who have never met Leroy want me to pass along a hug, a handshake, a heartfelt thanks to my cousin. One of the first things I'll do after I see my cousin in Washington will be to pass along all the well wishes from his New Mexican brethren.

If you would like to send along a note to Leroy, please email me at lpeerman@lcsun-news and I'll make sure to pass along the note.

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