Thursday, July 7, 2011

Benefit dance

On Friday, July 1, my family hosted a benefit dance at one of the American Legion posts in Santa Fe. The event was to raise money to send family members to Washington, D.C., to attend Leroy's ceremony. We had a full house and fun was had by all. Thanks to the American Legion, Budweiser and Albertsons for their generous donations.

I had a wonderful time at the event hanging out with friends and family, chowing down on some delicious Frito pie and dancing into all hours of the night. The best moment of the night was hearing my aunt and uncle (Leroy's parents) extend their thanks to all in attendance. It was a genuine moment, and it was great to see the pride the community took in Leroy's honor. Leroy could not make it to the event, but I'm sure he would be honored and humbled. During his speech, my uncle Larry (Leroy's dad) said if it was up to his son, Leroy would slice up his Medal of Honor and give a piece to each of his fellow Rangers so that each one's communities offer the same support Leroy has received from Santa Fe. Well said.

The fundraiser was a success and at least 13 members of the Petry family will get to go to Washington for the ceremony. Also, we raised money for members of the Tapia family (Leroy's mom) to attend as well. Read more about my family's fundraising efforts here (from the Santa Fe New Mexican):

We leave for D.C. Sunday morning and I'll send my next blog post from our nation's capital.

Kathy Peerman (my mom) and Lucas Peerman (me)  attend the Petry-Tapia Benefit Dance July 1 in Santa Fe. All family members plan to wear our "Sgt. Leroy A. Petry. Our Hero" T-shirts Sunday for the trip to Washington D.C.

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  1. We had so many companys help out with the benifit. Paper Tiger, Staples, Costco in Albuquerque, Best Buy, Albertsons, Farmers Market, Lowes grocery.